See what your fellow ministry leaders - from churches, schools, conferences, and camps of different denominations - say about partnering with us.

West Side Christian Church - Springfield, IL

Dave Miller, Director of Operations - insured since 2003

Robin and Sue understand ministry and the exposures which are unique to what we do. Beyond addressing our building assets, I appreciate how they tailor their specialized coverage to the different facets of our ministry. While we don’t expect it, receiving a response from Robin in the evening, weekend or even a holiday isn’t uncommon. His work ethic is worth noting. He and his staff exceed our service expectations.

Crossroads Christian Church - Evansville, IN

Lisa Silen, Accountant - insured since 1989

I appreciate Robin (agent) and Sue Pickett (office manager). With no hesitation, and based on my personal experience, I recommend Robin’s agency. Both Robin and Sue have provided prompt and thorough service, whatever the circumstance, no matter the time of day or issue. Our vehicle, property, worker’s compensation, student medical, daycare and preschool claims have all been processed and paid in a timely and efficient manner. Their work ethic and the manner in which they serve our ministry confirm they are committed to serving our ministry!

Maple Avenue Christian Church - Macomb, IL

Donnie Case, Senior Minister - insured since 2010

Shortly after partnering with Robin and his agency, a hailstorm required our entire roof to be replaced ($70,000). Without hesitation, a check was cut to cover our entire cost. Since then, we experienced another significant claim with the same result. When it comes to service and Robin’s response time, “Wow” comes to mind. Service to us has been more than words on a business card. His actions confirm it is a priority. We have also benefited from numerous risk management resources including the legal assistance service (free). Thanks for all you do (Robin and Sue) for churches so we can focus on our ministry as you carry out your mission. If your ministry has never pursued a quote through Robin’s agency, I recommend you proceed. We benefited in a significant way by doing the same.

Little Galilee Christian Camp & Retreat Center - Clinton, IL

Bob Phillips, Director of Development - insured since 1999

Ministry specific coverage has always been important to us. We like the fact that Robin is full time with his emphasis on partnering with ministries. He has demonstrated that he is a specialized agent in this field of insurance. In our case, their premium was/is competitive and offered better coverage than our previous carrier. Robin’s response to claims has been prompt and fair. He understands ministry, the exposures which go along with that, and has consistently demonstrated a concern for our ministry. He stays in touch and has demonstrated the highest degree of integrity. His personal concern for the effectiveness of our ministry has also been quite clear. He and his office have been helpful on numerous occasions. I'm happy for the occasion of recommending Robin Pickett and his agency.

Gateway Conference of the Free Methodist Church

Ben Tolley, Superintendent - insured since 1996

I oversee 25 churches in Illinois and Missouri, as well as Durley Camp & Retreat Center. I was pastoring a church when I met Robin, and he was able to improve our coverage while offering a competitive premium. My experience with Robin and his staff has been consistently positive, and I hear the same thing from the ministries in our conference, most of which have chosen to partner with Pickett Insurance Group. This is true even when one of our ministries experiences a claim; they have always been satisfied with the outcome. I have been so pleased that I posted a link on our website to Robin’s agency. I like his no-pressure style and he genuinely wants to do what’s in the ministry’s best interest. Thumbs up to Robin and the Pickett Insurance Group.

Illinois Church of God Ministries

Eric Livingston, State Minister - insured since 2001

As the State Minister, I oversee the Church of God ministries in the State of Illinois. There is a reason so many of our Illinois ministries, as well as our State office and camp, are insured through Robin’s agency. Our ministries have benefited from his outstanding service, knowledge, and experience with ministry liability. Additionally, we appreciate how he is always available as needed. Several of our churches have experienced claims, one of those amounting to an $802,000 payout and another $457,000. My experience with Robin, Sue (office manager), and his agency staff has been exceptional. With no hesitation, I recommend your ministry consider Pickett Insurance Group. We are certainly glad that we did.

Centerville Church of the Nazarene - Centerville, IN

Trevor Stanley, Pastor - insured since 2017

I have pastored 2 ministries over the last 24 years. While I was serving in Odon, IN, I was very pleased with the level of service and expertise Robin and his agency staff provided. No matter when I emailed or called, and no matter what I requested, he was quick to reply and eager to accommodate. It’s been refreshing to experience that level of service and concern. Sue (office manager) has been very helpful and service-oriented as well. After 23 years in Odon, I recently accepted a ministry position in Centerville, Indiana. One of the first things I did was ask our leadership team to consider a ministry quote from Robin. That request was granted and it ended up benefiting the church (competitive premium/better coverage). Do I recommend Robin and the Pickett Insurance Group? YES!!!

Grandview Church - Quincy, IL

Dennis Thomas, Pastor - insured since 2012

Our experience with Robin and the Pickett Insurance Group has been excellent. He and his staff are professional, prompt, and always accessible. Like most ministry leaders, our time and energy are focused on serving/leading our church. We find great comfort in knowing we can lean on Robin to guide us through the confusing maze of insurance and related decisions. His expertise in the field of protecting ministries is clearly evident. His understanding of ministry liability has helped us with specific risk management forms and other resources we have needed. Based on our experience, we recommend Robin and the Pickett Insurance Group.